Avoiding the Deer Menace

Originally published at: menino.com - Miguel's website

Edmunds.com has an article on dealing with the deer (and other animal) danger on the road:

Don’t veer for deer: I once rode up a mountain road with a good-hearted (but wrong-headed) man who was very focused on dodging the squirrels that regularly darted out in front of us. I finally told him: “If you crash while attempting to avoid a rodent, I’m going to go back and kill it.” I was serious. Risking your life is one thing, but risking mine or those of my family to save an animal is stupid. Many, perhaps most, deer-crash injuries occur when drivers attempt to avoid a deer and hit a tree, another car or run off the road and flip. Indeed, the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition says, “Don’t Veer for Deer.”