Thomas Menino

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If you’re looking for information on Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

I’ve had this site for a long time, and I often receive e-mails and comments about Menino.

The word ‘menino’ is just a Portuguese word (as well as Italian, I guess) that I thought would be an easy to remember web address,. It’s also sort of inside-joke for those who know me.

For the record, this site has absolutely nothing to do with Boston, or its mayor, or anybody named Menino. Unfortunately, typing ‘menino’ into many search engines will bring you to (See for yourself). There’s not much I can do about that, other than provide these links to sites that are probably a better bet for information on Thomas Menino:

I hope that list helps, if you came here looking for information on Thomas Menino.

Now for the really weird thing: there’s a German-Brazilian band named “Menino.” If that’s what you’re looking for, then you can find them a

Update: I’ve taken my e-mail address off the website temporarily, to see if it stems the flow of these e-mails. It seems to have worked. If you need to contact me, you can figure out my e-mail address easily enough — my name is miguel, and this is