Upsy Daisy is now white, not black

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If you’ve watched the BBC kids’s show “In The Night Garden,” you’ll recognize the video below:

Warning: it’s a bit freaky unless you’re a toddler 😉 I guess it must make sense to them.

You’ll notice that one of the characters on the show is a black doll named “Upsy Daisy” — she has awesome colourful hair and dances around quite a bit.

I looked for a place to order a set of In The Night Garden toys for Xavier, and I found a UK site that would ship them to Canada. Well now they are starting to appear in Canadian stores, such as Wal-Mart and Zellers (and presumably other toy stores as well).

Well, here’s the weird thing. The Canadian version of Upsy Daisy is white. Here’s a shot from the local Zellers:

upsy daisy is black

Compare that to this version:


and a couple of screenshots from the TV show:

Upsy-Daisy-black-screenshot.png upsy-daisy-black-3.png

That second screenshot is telling, because you can see that she’s a lot darker than Makka Pakka. Yet in the Canadian doll version, she’s the same colour.

So what’s going on here? Did they think that a black doll wouldn’t sell in Canada (or is it North America?) Or is just hard to find the right colour material to make a black doll?

If you do an Google image search: you’ll find both black and white dolls. Here’s a UK store selling a black one: