Vancouver's Samba Brazilian Steakhouse is serving Spam

Originally published at: - Miguel's website

Vancouver’s Samba Brazilian Steakhouse somehow got a hold of my e-mail address. I’ve only been there once, in September 2010. Maybe I left my business card for a draw, or something like that.

I’ve been receiving e-mail like this one ever since then:

Despite repeated requests to be removed from their mailing list, I keep receiving their Spam. I guess I’m not the only one, because today someone replied to everyone on the list.

Notice that “241 more…” in the address list? Yup, they’ve listed everyone on the “to:” line of the e-mail. I guess they haven’t heard of “Bcc:” ?

Yes, there’s a big list of e-mail addresses there! That’s smooth. Not only are they spamming me, but they’re sharing my address (and everybody else’s) with everyone they’re spamming.

Sean took the initiative today to reply to the entire list:

“Free Diarrhea from Samba Brazilian Steakhouse!” was the title of his e-mail. He sent it to everyone on the restaurant’s mailing list, since they were kind enough to included their addresses!

The link in his e-mail is a nice tasty rick-roll.

Others saw Sean’s e-mail and took the opportunity to “reply all” as well:

“It’s disgusting there. I puked for 3 days after the last visit.” That’s Michael’s review.

This one gets the Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Spam award, however:

Mike takes the Spamming to a new meta-spam-level. He uses Samba’s mailing list to send out an ad for TechBell Computer Service. High-5 Mike!

Richard, who is apparently Brazilian, writes a review:

“Their shitty food, service, and environment is not what you would find in Brazil…”

And finally, someone replies with “we do not want this e-mail to go on endlessly!”

Let’s hope Vancouver’s Samba Brazilian Steakhouse has learned a lesson about internet marketing. Don’t annoy your customers, and use the Bcc: line! Sadly, they probably *paid* someone to do internet marketing for them.